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Cancer | Symptoms, Signs Causes and Treatments

Cancer is a disease which cannot be controlled by the growth of of abnormal cells in in human body. Tumour cells are malignant cells may cause the cancer. These cells can permeate in body tissues. Cells play a vital role in human body which make up human body. According to the need of body, cells increase and divide to make new cells. With the passage of time cells die then new cells take place in old cells. Cancer start when genetic changes intervene with this orderly procedure. For cancer a term (An umbrella) is used, which means group of disease caused by abnormal cells division rapidly which spread to other organs and tissues. cancer is spread all over the world due to this it is a leading cause of death in whole world. Cancer is not restrict to humans and animals organs, many other living organisms can get cancer. There are many types of cancer. According to World Health Organisation followings are the common types of cancer which may cause of death worldwide (e.g. Lung cancer, skin cancer, colorectal cancer, liver cancer, stomach cancer and breast cancer). In America after heart disease cancer is the 2nd most common cause of death.

Signs and Symptoms of Cancer:

There are many symptoms of cancer which may cause cancer but most of these signs caused by injury, illness, benign tumours and many other problems. These signs or symptoms are clues for you and your doctor to diagnosing your treatment as soon as possible. These signs does not means cancer. Therefore, with the indication of the these signs you see your doctor as soon as possible who have closer look to your health and took possible actions. Here are some common signs and symptoms of cancer are discussed for both men and women included:
Pain, unexplained weight loss, fatigue ,fever change in your skin unusual bleeding, anaemia, bloating, change in bathroom habits, chronic headache, chronic coughing, excessive bruising, difficulty swallowing etc. Breast changes changes in appetite vaginal bleeding unusual lamps.


In start bone cancer often hurt brain tumours Which cause headache that last for the days. Pain is a sign of cancer but it tells later. you see the doctor because you don’t know Why this is happening.

Weight loss

Weight loss is also a sign of cancer. In normal human life weight is normally fluctuating but a person who have Cancer disease he may lose weight continuously. The person who have this sign then concern to the relevant doctor.


If High fever lasted more than 3 days then there is a sign of cancer, call your doctor. High fever affect the immune system of the body. Therefore some blood cancer lymphoma or leukaemia caused by high fever.

Changes in your skin:

The skin of a person gives a clue of Cancer disease. there are unusual changes on your skin like pumps, new moles and any other Mark on skin shows the cancer symptoms. Is the skin shows darkness, look red or yellow, unexplained rashes, and sprouts or itches, these are the sign of ovarian, liver or Kidney cancer.


Most of red blood cells and white blood cells born in bone marrow. Anaemia is a situation when a person have fewer red blood cells then the expected level. Anaemia is caused by deficiency of iron deficiency. Cancer like Lymphoma multiple myeloma or leukaemia could damage your bone marrow.

Chronic headache:

Chronic headache is another symptom of cancer If it lasted more than 15 day Which does not revoke by usual medicine then It could cause by a Tumour of brain.

Breast changes:

In sign of breast include a new dimpling, changes around the nipple, lump, unusual discharge or discolouring which which you did not have before. breast cancer, men can promote it too Mostly it occur in women.


Fatigue is also a sign of cancer In that case If you are too much tired every time and rest does not relax you then tell your doctor.

Belly Pain and bloating:

In most of time you Feel bloated, crampy and gassy due to something minor. discussing with your doctor, These types of symptoms If they Remain for a long time.

Changes in urination:

The following signs included in urination: small amount of urine, slow urine flow, frequent urination, or any change in function of bladder. May be these signs indicate prostate or bladder cancer.

Risk factors:

In cancer it is necessary to know about the cancer risk factors. It tells us How risk of cancer increase in human body. Some factor cause cancer directly and some factors indirectly effect. there are many people Who bears several risks factors of cancer But never develop cancer. Some other people who have no risk factor may develop cancer. Proactive risk factors is Another other name of risk factors for cancer. The age is overall a main risk factor in cancer. Almost Cancer disease occurs in any age of a person. NCI Surveillance Epidemiology report Tell that middle age 66 years is diagnosed in cancer. It also tell a range In which mostly cancer cases occurs between at the age of 65 to 74. Some common ages are discovered in Cancer disease, In 61 years breast cancer occurs, in 66 years prostate cancer occurs, in 68 years colorectal cancer occurs and In 70 years long cancer occurs.


To choose specific lifestyle that increase cancer risk like, If you are addicted of smoking and drinking then there will be a high risk of cancer. To leave these habits for minimizing the risk of cancer. Some habits are hard to leave and some habits are easier to leave.

Family history

Family history
there are few number of cancer cases occurs due to inheritance condition. if Mutations are passed from one age group to the other age group Then cancer cases May be common in your family.

Health conditions

Chronic conditions of health May increase the risk of cancer, like ulcerative colitis.

Environmental condition

Environment play a vital role in spreading cancer Because it have harmful chemicals which effect your health condition. If you live in an environment In which mostly people addicted in smoking Then you may inhale second hand smoke.


Cancer may be diagnosed in any age group. There is no specific age but mostly 65 years or older persons may be diagnosed with cancer.

Causes of cancer:

Cancer occurs by many reasons, Not by a single one. Scientist discovered that There are many factors Which interact and cause cancer. Some factor related to environment, genetics and individual characteristics. Basically cancer occurs with the growth or production of abnormality cells in human body. There are following common causes of cancer.
The age is overall a main risk factor in cancer. AlMost cancer disease occurs in any age of a person. NCI Surveillance Epidemiology report Tell that middle age 66 years is diagnosed in cancer. It also tell a range In which mostly cancer cases occurs between at the age of 65 to 74. Some common ages are discovered in Cancer disease, In 61 years breast cancer occurs, in 66 years prostate cancer occurs, in 68 years colorectal cancer occurs and In 70 years long cancer occurs.

Alcohol and smoking:

With the drinking of alcohol the chances of cancer of the liver, breast, oesophagus, throat and larynx. With the increasing of drinking quantity the risk of cancer also increase. The person Who Did smoking and drinking alcohol the chance of cancer become higher. This study of federal government dietary guidelines for American describe that Moderate level of drinking for men and women Moderate level of drinking for men 2 drinks per day and woman 1 drink per day did not have high of cancer.


Various researches Looked to the Dieting Components which are associated with risk of cancer. The healthy food Minimize the risk of cancer or cancer symptoms like weight loosing. In healthy food included brown rice fruits and vegetables, fresh fish and chickens Which may reduce cancer cases. Most of the scientists discovered many dieting components which are associated with risk of cancer. These included alcohol, calcium, charred meat, fluoride, Vitamin D, artificial sweeteners and acrylamide.

Cancer Treatments:

The treatment of cancer depends upon the types of cancer. In treatment of cancer attention to the following points how big it? Where your cancer is? And your general health condition. There are various kinds of cancer treatment, Therefore it is necessary to understand these treatment because it have different types of side effect. There are few person with cancer Will have Only 1 (one) treatment but the other have a two or more treatments like radiation therapy or surgery and chemotherapy. think A lot about the treatment of cancer When you needed and concert with your doctor about the types of treatment In which you suffer.


In most cases surgery is used to diagnose, prevent and treat cancer. There are many problems and discomforts Relevant to cancel in surgery. Surgery is a process in Which surgeon doctor Eject cancer from the body of a person. Learn about various ways or method of surgery that are used in cancer.

Radiation Therapy

In cancer treatment radiation therapy is more common mostly surgeon used this type of treatment. In this kind of treatment doctor use High amount of radiations to shrink tumours and kill cancer cells. This treatment maybe used as a single one or with other method of treatment like chemotherapy, surgery, targeted therapy or hormones. If you want to use radiation therapy for cancer treatment Then it is necessary to know about what are the side effects and how it works and also discussing with your doctor pros and cons of radiation therapy.


In chemotherapy, to dissolve tumours and kill cancer cells drugs or medicine are used. chemotherapy drugs work in a same way as traditional medicine work. If you want to use chemotherapy Then understand What are side effect and how it work. Some medicines are very harmful to human body.

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