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Halloween Greeting Cards for Kids with Poems and Quotes

On Halloween
The witches fly Across the sky,
The Owls go, Who, Who, Who,
The Black Cats Yowl, And Green Ghosts Howl,
“Scary Halloween to You”
“Happy Halloween”

Scarecrow Man
Scarecrow Man,
Scare the Birds if you Can,
Or do You want to Play??? 
The Birds fly Around,
But you’re Tied Down,
Cuz you’re Just Stuffed with Hay”
“Happy Halloween”

Grab Your Costume,
Either Sweet OR Scary,
All Are Welcome,
Every Witch AND Fairy,
Grab Your Brooms,
The Bats Are All About,
Strut Your Style,
Cause Ii’s Ghouls Night Out”
“Happy Halloween”

Perfect Pumpkins
Perfect Pumpkins Big and Round 
They Lay Upon the Muddy Ground 
With Leaves and Vines all Intertwined 
That’s the one that should be mine”
“Happy Halloween”

Mister Scarecrow
Mister Scarecrow
Why Do The Birds Go,
When You Stand Outside All Day?
Don’t They Know,
You Wouldn’t Hurt a Crow
Cuz You’re Just Stuffed With Hay”
“Happy Halloween”

A Boo Gram Greetings!
Black Cats Eyes
In Midnight Gloom Fly with the Witch 
On Her Ragged Broom,
Ghosts and Shadow People Evade our Sight. 
None May not see what they Might,
We begin our Door to Door Halloween Flight. 
Not Knowing our Immediate Blight 
We Bravely Approach your Door and
We Say with a Strong and Mighty Grin, 
Candy and Little Toys we Hope to Gain 
From this Daring Plan Imagined in These Little Brains.
BOO! We are Greeted as a Scary Hand 
Extends to our Goodie Sacks,
The lights go Black, We Stagger Back,
Screams Explode, Others Jump,
Dogs Howl and Unfriendly things give us a Bump,
It’s Halloween!!!
The Voice Screams as
We Dump out our Goodie Sacks and Run…!!!
So keep the Goodies and BOO…!!! To You”
“Happy Halloween”

Halloween Fun
Ghosts and Goblins and Bats Oh My GOD,
Witches Riding Brooms With Black Cats  So High,
What a Treat They Would Be,
Through a Child’s Eyes to See But Alas,
I’m too old for that Oh Sigh
“Happy Halloween my Love”

Pumpkins Pumpkins
Pumpkins Pumpkins 
All Around 
So Many Pumpkins 
On The Ground,
I Found Mine 
As You Can See
So Fat And Plump
And All For Me”
“Happy Halloween”

Bushes Quiver Where Shadows Lean,
And not a Sliver of Moon is Seen,
Near the River some Goblins “GREEN”
With a Witch in Front, and a Ghost in Between,
Make me shiivver, But I am Keen
About the Shivers of Halloween
“Happy Halloween to my sweet Friend”

Trick or Treaters
Sidewalks Full of Trick or Treaters,
Lots of Candy Eaters,
In Their Costumes Having Lots of fun,
Halloween’s for Everyone
From Door to Door
the Bells are Ringing Everyware,
Knockers, Knocking, Voices Singing,
Children, the old and in Between
Celebrating Halloween”
“Happy Halloween”

Zafreen Gohar

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