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Halloween Poems with Happy Halloween Wishes Cards

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A Halloween Wish
I’d Like To Go Fishing 
For A Star
And Send It To You
Wherever You Are
To Wrap You Once More
In The Spells Of The Night
And Fill All Your Senses
With Awe And Delight.
To Make You A Pirate
or perhaps a queen,
To Experience The Magic
of Halloween.
To Capture Again
The Mystery And Surprise
As Can Only Be Seen
Through A Small Child’s Eyes

Child’s Halloween Costume Party Invite Poem
Come One And “Cayden’s” Friends Come All.
Let’s Kick Off Halloween With A Party This Fall.
Tricks And Treats And A Lot Of Fun, Too.
We Promise Not To Scare The Boo Out Of You

Dressing Up As Ghostly Ghouls,
Acting Silly Or Playing Fools.
Floppy Feet, A Red Clown Nose,
Frankenstein, here He Goes!
A Cackling Witch, A Pointy Hat,
Dracula’s cape shaped like a hat,
Dracula’s Cape Shaped Like A Bat.
Scariest monsters ever seen,
All Come Out For Halloween

A Halloween Prayer
From Ghoulies To Ghosties
To Long Legged Beasties
To Things That Go Bump In The Night,
Good Lord Deliver Us

Halloween’s Coming
Halloween’s Coming! Halloween’s Coming!
Skeletons Will Be After You!
Witches Cats And Big, Black Bats,
Ghosts And Goblins Too!
Miaow, Miaow, Miaow Go The Witches Cats,
Oo, Oo, Oo, Oo,Oo, Oo Oo, Oo!
Flap, Flap, Flap, Bo The Big, Black Bats,
Oo, oo, oo, oo, oo!

Halloween Night
Halloween Night Is Full Of Fright,
Halloween Night Is A Fun Time Of Night 
Halloween Night We Go Trick Or Treating,
Halloween Night So Much Candy To Be Eating,
Halloween Night Black Cats Screech Of Fright

A Trick Of A Treat
Dressed Up Little Creatures
On A Dark October Night
Run From Door To Door
Giving Everyone A Fright.
They Come And Ring Your Doorbell
And Before They Will Retreat,
They Beg You For Some Candy
By Yelling “Trick Or Treat”.
When Their Bags Are Full,
They run home to eat their fill.
They Taste A Bit Of Everything
And By Morning They Are Ill!
So To Keep The Youngsters Healthy,
I’ve Figured Out A Deal.
This Year Instead Of Candy,
I’ll Give Them All Oatmeal

Halloween Is Very fun,
Full Of Kids With Different Tongues.
We Sscream, We Shout,
Then We Run All About.
We Trick-Or-Treat,
We Walk On The Street.
Watching Witches Mixing Lotions,
Making Weird Smelly Potions.
Saying “Bubble, Brew, Boil, Simmer
You’ll Soon Be My Dinner.”
Dracula Spreads His Wings,
And Flashes His Teeth As Bling.
His Mother Calls “Come Back Here Won!”
While He Ducks The Sun.
Ghosts Love To Mourn And Dread,
Even Though They’re Already Dead.
They Always Drift,
And Ask If You Want A Lift.
Athletes Are So Strong,
Their Arms & Legs Are Very Long.
They Drink Their Tea Without Honey,
And Enjoy Spending All Their Money.

Halloween Is Very Fun,
Full Of Kids With Different Tongues.
We Scream, We Shout,
Then We Run All About.
We Trick Or Treat,
We Walk On The Street.
Then we go to sleep,
Maybe Even Counting Sheep

This Halloween There’s Something New 
A Sweet Surprise That’s Called A “Boo”. 
A Friendly “Goblin” Left It Here 
To Spread A Little “Ghostly” Cheer. 
It’s Not A Fright, It’s Not A Scare, 
It’s Just A secret Smile To Share. 
You’ve Been Boo’d. 
Now You’re The One To Pass Along The “Spooky” Fun- 
To Neighbors Up And Down The Street, 
To Friends Who’d Love A Special “Treat!” 
‘Cause It’s For Sure This Little Gift 
Will Give Their “Spirits” Quite A Lift. 
Enjoy The Latest, Greatest Way 
To Celebrate This Holiday

Witches Stew
Bubble, Blubber, Squirm And Gloop,
Boiling Broth Of Bat’s Tail Soup.
Wobble, Slobber, Liquid Goo,
Add The Sole Of One Old Shoe.
Spooky Shadows Dance Around,
Of Frogs And Rats And Snarling Hounds.
Steam Swirls Rising To The Roof,
Add One Small Ear And One Old Tooth.
Gnarly, Scratchy, Tickle And Itch,
Stir Round And Round To Make It Rich.
Mushy, sticky, sizzle and stew,
They’re Making Mischief Just For You

Zafreen Gohar

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