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Halloween Wishes Wallpapers with Children’s Poems

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    The Little Obstreperous Witch.
    She Wrinkled Her Nose At Her Useless Broom
    And Then Gave It A Toss In A Ditch
    She Was All Dressed Up And Had Somewhere To Be
    The Little Obstreperous Witch,
    She Stood On A Rooftop Looking Up At The Sky
    With Her Little Thumb Out For A Hitch
    She Looked Far And Near With A Frown On Her Face
    The Little Obstreperous Witch,
    The Halloween Ball Was Soon To Begin
    And Her Dancing Shoes Gave A Twitch
    Her Cat Hissed A Snarl And She Scowled Right Back
    The Little Obstreperous Witch,
    Then Out Of The Sky A Large Raven Appeared
    By The Name Of Mister Fritch
    She Hopped On Aboard And Flew Off To The Ball
    The Little Obstreperous Witch
    Screech Owl Stew Is A Delicacy
    A Culinary Delight
    But Before You Catch A Screech Owl
    He Might Put Up A Fight
    Who'd Want To Get Stewed
    In A Pot Seeping With Mummy's Hair???
    If You Were A Screech Owl
    You'd Want To Get Out Of There,
    You Hear Them Screech
    Piercing The Night
    It Echoes Everywhere So
    Do I Turn Left Or Right???
    Finding A Screech Owl
    Is A Formidable Job
    He's A Wily Codger
    An Annoying, Diabolical Snob,
    You Won't Find Screech Owl Stew
    In A Restaurant Or Store
    People Either Gag, Turn Blue
    Or They Want Some More
    If You Make It Yourself
    You Might Have To Substitute
    The Screech Owl
    With The Eye Of Knut
    Scarecrow Friend.
    My Scarecrow Friend
    Always Tries To Send
    The Birds Flying Away
    But More Times Than Not
    What's He's Really Got
    Is Birds Who Come To Stay
    Pumpkin Carving.
    Get The Pencil, Get The Knives
    We Can't Wait Til Night Arrives,
    Pumpkin Carving Is So Much Fun
    Scoop Out The Seeds, We're Almost Done,
    Take Off The Lid, Put In A Light
    Keep Us Scared All Halloween Night
    Black Cats, Broken Mirrors And A Ladder,
    Are All Forms Of Superstitions That Make You Shudder.
    Sometimes Evil May Fall Upon You Most Unexpectedly,
    Like The Next Story I’m About To Tell You, So Listen Carefully.
    This Happens Annually On Halloween,
    Where Hideous Creatures Are Unafraid To Be Seen.
    So, As Night Approaches And Toddlers Sleep,
    Witches Round Their Cauldrons Creep.
    They Wait Patiently For The Children To Appear, 
    Dressed In Splendid Costumes, Looking Somewhat Queer.
    Armed with magical potions and spells,
    Witches Dance To The Jingle Of The Bells.
    Delighted, O They Most Certainly Are,
    To Hear The Words "Trick Or Treat", Their Eyes Sparkle Like A Star.
    Smiling Secretly Behind Hidden Masks,
    Satisfied With The Outcome Of Their Tasks.
    There Is No Doubt At The Witches’ Success,
    Because At Dawn, All Mothers Are Quite Distressed.
    It Seems That Every Child In Town,
    Has Taken Up A Painful Frown.
    For Most Of Their Teeth Are Decayed And Rotten,
    Due To The Huge Pile Of Candy They Had Eaten.
    Now, You Might Believe This Or You Might Not,
    Just Don’t Blame Me When Your Teeth Start To Rot
    Pumpkin Time
    October Is Pumpkin Time, 
    The Nicest Time Of Year.
    When All The Pumpkins Light Their Eyes, 
    And Grin From Ear To Ear.
    Because They Know At Halloween, 
    They'll have lots of Fun.
    Peeking Through The Window Panes,
    And Watching People Run
    House For Sale
    Two Fireplaces. Eat-in-Kitchen,
    Atmosphere you'll Find Bewitchin.
    Lots Of Bedrooms. Space Galore,
    Slightly Creaky Hardwood Floors.
    Walk-In Closet You Can Fill,
    Stunning View Atop A Hill.
    Asking Price Is Very Good,
    In A lovely Neighborhood.
    All In All, just What You Wanted.
    (By the way, THIS HOUSE IS HAUNTED)
    Ghosts Must Enjoy
    A Devious Lark
    Because They Save Their Scarh Havoc
    Until It Is Dark,
    Have They Nothing Better To Do
    Than Haunt My House???
    It's Getting Too Frightening
    For Man Or Mouse
    We Bought A Fat Orange Pumpkin,
    The Plumpest Sort They Sell.
    We Neatly Scooped The Inside Out,
    And Only Left The Shell.
    We Carved A Funny Funny Face,
    Of Silly Shape And Size.
    A Pointy Nose,
    A Jagged Mouth And Two Enormous Eyes.
    We Set It In A Window,
    And We Put A candle In.
    Then lit It Up
    For All To See Our Jack-o-lantern Grin
    Pumpkin's Place
    Pumpkin's Place 
    However Many Pumpkins Sit
    Along The Pumpkin Vine,
    The Biggest And The Roundest One
    Is Going To Be Mine.
    I'll Carve His Eyes, A Nose, And Mouth,
    Like No One's Ever Seen,
    Then Set Him On The Window Ledge,
    The Eve Of Halloween.
    He'll Celebrate This Night Of Nights,
    Atop This Special Place,
    So Those Who Pass Beneath His Seat
    Will See His Glowing Face

    Zafreen Gohar

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