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Happy Halloween Poems and Quotes for Kids Wishes Wallpapers

Wishing you a Spooktacular Halloween filled with treats, laughter, and memorable moments. May your night be filled with frightful fun and your pumpkin be carved with the perfect grin. Happy Halloween!

Deja Boo
If we Choose to Believe
Witches Can Fly On Magical Broomsticks
Up in the Sky,
And Every Year at Octobers End
Ghosts Upon us do Descend,
That Black Cats Shriek at Scary Sights,
And Pumpkins Glow With Erie Lights,
Then Once Again For me and You,
Halloween is DEJA BOO
“Happy Halloween”

Ghost Riddance
When in the Kitchen they Spied a Mouse,
Three Little Ghosts Flew From the House,
They Were Scared as Scared Could Be,
Of That Little Mouse They All Did See,
And The Little Mouse Laughed With Gleee,
When HE Frightened Off Those Ghosties Three,
So If There Is A Ghost Living In Your house,
Perhaps You Should Buy Yourself A Mouse
“Happy Halloween”

October is That Time of Year, When You Stand up and Cheer,
Give out Candy, Have it Handy, Scare Some Kids,
Say Trick or Treat, Have some Fun,
But Don’t Smell Feet
“Happy Halloween”

Halloween What a Fright, Always Bring a Light,
Little Kids Screaming, Little Bells Ringing,
Open the Door, What’s in Store,
Extremely Exciting,  Evil is Biting,
Now it is Time to End This Rhyme
“Happy Halloween”

Gouls and Goblins, Ghosts, and Bats,
Trick and Treats and Witches Hats,
Scary Creatures in the Night
Jack-o-Lanters Glowing Gright
“Happy Halloween”

Haunted Houses
Haunted Houses, Curdling Screams,
Freezing Bats, Torn At The Seams
Full White Moon, Dripping Candles,
Roaming Forgetful Zombie Vandals
Gnarled Old Trees, Tossed in The Breeze,
Cold Ghosts Shivering, Knocking Their Knees
Trick and Treating, From Door to Door,
Not Enough Sweets, I Must Have More
“Happy Halloween”

Will you Walk into my Parlor
Said the Spider to the Fly,
Tis the Prettiest Little Parlor that you Ever Did Spy,
The Way into my Parlor is up a Winding Stair,
And I have many Curious Things to Show when You are There,
Oh no, No No!!! Said the Little Fly, “To Ask Me Is In Vain,”
For Who Goes up Your Winding Stair Can Never Come Down Again
“Happy Halloween”

The Scarecrow
The Farmer Made a Scarecrow And Stuffed it Full of Straw,
He Put it in the Cornfield, But the Crows Laughed,
One Crow Sat Upon Scarecrow’s Hat, He Was not Scared at All,
That Scarecrow did not Scare A Single Crow away all Fall
“Happy Halloween”

We Are Having a Halloween Party at School,
I am dressed up like Dracula. Man, I look cool!
I dyed My Hair Brown and I Cut off my Bangs,
I am wearing a Cape and Some fake Plastic Fangs,
I Put on some Makeup to Paint my Face White and Black
Like Creatures that only Come out in the Night,
My Fingernails, Too, Are All Pointed and Dark Red,
There’s no Doubt I Look Like the Evil Undead,
My Mom Drops Me off and I Run into School,
And Suddenly Feel Like the World’s Biggest Fool,
The Other Kids Stare Like I am Some Kind of Freak,
The Halloween Party is not Till Next Week
“Happy Halloween”

Trick or Treat
Trick or Treat!
Give me Something Best to Eat,
Give me Candy, Give me Cake,
Give me Something Sweet to Take
“Happy Halloween”

Zafreen Gohar

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