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Okara District | Historical City

Okara is a city in the Punjab province of Pakistan. It is located in the southeastern region of the province and is the capital of the Okara District. The city is situated on the Ravi River and is approximately 200 kilometers (124 miles) from Lahore, the provincial capital.

Okara is known for its agricultural activities, particularly the cultivation of cotton, wheat, and sugarcane. The city has a significant role in Pakistan’s agricultural industry and is often referred to as the “Land of Pure Crops.”

In addition to agriculture, Okara has a growing industrial sector. It is home to various industries, including textile mills, rice mills, sugar mills, and oil mills. These industries contribute to the city’s economy and provide employment opportunities for the local population.


Okara is also known for its educational institutions. The city has several schools, colleges, and universities that cater to the educational needs of the residents. These institutions provide quality education and contribute to the overall development of the city.

The city has a population of approximately 450,000 people, making it a moderately sized urban center in the region. Okara has a mix of different communities, with Punjabi being the dominant language spoken in the area.

Overall, Okara is a vibrant city with a strong agricultural and industrial base, making it an essential economic hub in the region.

Zafreen Gohar

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