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Sahiwal is a city located in the Punjab province of Pakistan. It is the administrative headquarters of the Sahiwal District. The city is situated on the eastern bank of the Lower Bari Doab Canal, a major irrigation canal in the region.


Sahiwal has a rich historical background, with various archaeological sites dating back to the Indus Valley Civilization and the Gandhara period. The city was previously known as Montgomery, named after Sir Robert Montgomery, who was the Lieutenant-Governor of Punjab during the British rule in India. It was renamed Sahiwal in 1967, after the Sahi clan of Arain community, who are the main inhabitants of the city.

Sahiwal is a major industrial and agricultural center in Punjab, known for its production of cotton, wheat, sugarcane, and vegetables. The city has several textile mills, ginning factories, and sugar mills, contributing significantly to the economy of the region. The livestock and dairy industry also play a crucial role in the city’s economy.

Education is given significant importance in Sahiwal, with numerous schools, colleges, and universities providing quality education to its residents. Government College Sahiwal and COMSATS Institute of Information Technology are among the prominent educational institutions in the city.

Sahiwal is well-connected to other cities of Punjab through a network of highways and railway lines, making it easily accessible for transportation. The city has a railway station and serves as an important transportation hub in the region.

Sahiwal Cattle Farms
Sahiwal Cattle Farms

In terms of landmarks and tourist attractions, Sahiwal has a few notable places worth visiting. The Harappa Museum, located near Sahiwal, exhibits artifacts from the ancient Indus Valley Civilization. The city also has a few parks and recreational areas, such as Sadiq Public Park and Quaid-e-Azam Park, where people can relax and enjoy various outdoor activities.

Overall, Sahiwal is a bustling city with a blend of historical significance, agricultural prosperity, and industrial development. It offers a decent standard of living to its residents and continues to grow economically and socially.

Zafreen Gohar

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