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Valentines Special Romantic Love Poems

I Miss You.
I miss the way your voice sounded
through the phone at 2 am
after days without sleep & nights filled
with thoughts that made me want
to rip out my mind
U seemed to make it so much better
with a simple hello
i miss knowing that i could calm you
down with “just breathe” and
a reassurance that one day i’d hold u so
tightly that you’d think i’d been
there all along
and i miss waiting, waiting, waiting,
always waiting for u to come here and
drag me from this terrible place,
because now i have nothing to wait for
and waiting kept me sane
but it drove me so insane to think
that i was only ever waiting, only ever talking,
only ever writing u letters that still
sit in a stupid box, hidden in my closet,
along with all those stupid pictures
and there’s nothing i can do to make you
feel better anymore & u can’t
just turn up on my doorstep
with arms open wide & a promise
to whisk me away
there’s no more waiting, no more talking,
no more “hello” & no more ‘just breathe’
and no more knowing that just the
sound of my laugh could light up your face
and make u forget that u had ever
felt so sad that u might die
i’m truly sorry that my fingers won’t type out
an e-mail saying “i miss you”
simple as that
and it feels like i’ll forever be waiting
for u to call me up & tell me u miss me
simple as that
but missing people is a lot more complicated
than it sounds, because it’s filled with
boxes full of unsent letters & pictures,
and tears that aren’t the result of laughter
and i never thought missing someone would end
in unmade beds & messy floors & the
knowledge that neither of us are smiling much
these days
and i’m crying because i wasn’t supposed
to miss you, like this at all…!!!

One Kiss, Two Kiss, Bad Kiss, Ew Kiss.
When I pictured this moment from across the room
I didn’t imagine you’d kiss like a vacuum
I’m drowning now, my face covered in spit
Oh god in heaven, my ear u just bit?
Your tongue dances quickly across my lips
Like some kind of insane tap dancer who constantly slips
I want to leave, I wonder if there are cabs?
But u just took off your shirt- oh GOD those abs!!!
Sweet Jesus, do u spend all your time at the gym?
I have to stop drowning, I’ll learn how to swim.
I guess I can deal with bad kissing for a body this svelte.
But babe shhh just stop talking while I loosen your belt…!!!

Love is something that u very dear to your heart
It’s a feeling that u get when u look at this one special person & u get it from the start.
It grows everyday
Love is something to express, to say
No matter how much it hurts to lose that person
They will always hold a place in your heart
It’s called love
A feeling that u never want to lose, to depart
Oh, what is this special feeling?
It’s love…!!!

I Think I Loved You The Most.
On the night when everything was so wrong
& we spent it drenched in sweat
With alcohol on our breaths
It felt like our fire was burning so bright
I remember the last night we spent together
I lit every candle in the house
In hopes of relighting an old flame
Instead I lit myself on fire
But put it out with all the tears pouring from my hollow eyes
Caused by your empty lies & an affection of the past
I have never seen a light so dim as ours that night…!!!

I Need You So Much Closer.
Within the reach of my outstretched arms.
To pull your body into mine,
To learn your canvas with my fingertips
To imprint the taste of your lips into my mind,
To feel the points of your hipbones align with mine.
To linger in your aura
That envelopes me so…!!!
Valentines Special

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Zafreen Gohar

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